Adonidia Palm Tree Care Guide

Native to the Philippines, the Adonidia Palm Tree also goes by these names: Christmas Palm, Manila Palm, and Dwarf Royal Palm!

Why People Love This Plant

This palm tree is loved for many reasons! It is great if you have a smaller planting area, as it will do well in a small site (hence the name Dwarf Royal Palm). Adonidia palms are also know for producing bright red fruit clusters right around the holidays (late December)! So no need to decorate these trees as they self decorate! As if these reasons aren’t enough to love this ornamental palm, it also makes for a beautiful focal point wherever it is placed. This palm quickly grows to about 6′, where growth then slows down, but can reach heights of 25′ over time!

Your Guide to Care

Care: Relatively easy.

Light: Christmas palms like to be given at least 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. They can tolerate partial shade if planted outdoors, especially if the summers/afternoons are very hot. However, too little light will lead to sparse fronds. If growing in a container indoors, make sure to keep your palm next to a south or west facing window that receives strong light. 

Water: Water regularly and keep the soil evenly moist. Once established the Adonidia palm tree can tolerate periods of dryness, however it is best to give your palm supplemental water if you experience a time of drought. Water intake should be approximately 1″ per week including rainfall.

Temperature: These palms cannot tolerate temperatures under 30F so make sure if you live in an area that sees this temperature or below that you have your palm in a container ready to be wintered indoors. 

Humidity: What palm doesn’t love some supplemental humidity?

Feeding: 2 to 3 times per year. If your palm is kept indoors, you can fertilize in spring and again in summer. If your palm is planted outdoors, then you should additionally fertilize in fall.


The Adonidia Christmas Palm is known as self cleaning! What this means is that old, dry fronds will fall down on their own, making for easy clean up!

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