Passion Vine Plant Care Guide

A plant that really does it all, the passion vine plant sports beautiful flowers while climbing a trellis. Some plants also have fruits!

Why People Love This Plant

The passion vine is a fast growing one that can reach 20 feet or more! It blooms wide, unique flowers with about 5 to 10 petals that open only for about a day! Passion vines will grow best if given a trellis or another type of vertical structure to climb (our passion plants come on a starter trellis)! A wall would also be ideal as it would protect the vine from potential damage due to harsh wind and weather conditions. Last fun fact, passion flowers are known for a multitude of medicinal uses!

Your Guide to Care

Care: Relatively carefree.

Light: Full sun with some afternoon shade in hot climates. Aim for 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight, more if you are in a cooler climate. If wintering indoors give your plant bright, indirect light and keep it away from drafty doors and windows. 

Water: Right after planting, water deeply. Then allow your plant to dry a little before watering again. Expect to water once or twice a week throughout growing season. If planted outside, about 1″ to 1.5″ of water is needed per week if there is no rain. These plants do not handle drought well. Over winter not as much water is needed. 

Temperature: 60 to 75F is their ideal temperature range. These plants love warm weather and will need to be wintered indoors in cooler climates. 

Humidity: Passion vine plants prefer a moderate to high amount of humidity.

Feeding: Fertilize every four to six weeks from early spring to early fall. These are hungry plants!


If wintering your plant indoors, first, before moving it, trim down the stems to 1 or 2 feet. Your plant will likely go partially dormant and not look great, however it should come back to life in the spring!

If you are having trouble with yellowing and wilting, the issue is likely underwatering or the plant is too cold.

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